Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Making of Beard/Mustache Wax

Cowboy and some of his work crew are claiming February to be Fu Manchu Month (men.... ) Cowboy has promised me he is not shaving his beloved beard off for this event, but just growing out his 'stash a little. No fu manchu for him, thank goodness as I adore his full face of hair though usually closely shaven and well maintained. It is very soft and handsome on him. 

For the growing month, he had shown some interest in beard/mustache wax to tame his "flyaways".  We hunted for a recipe and I whipped one up in the wee hours of the morning.  It was fun to make, not unlike lip balm, and the smell of the beeswax was heavenly. I produced several sized containers, strengths of wax, and scents for him to try. 

Basic ingredients: Beeswax (homegrown from my Dad in NC, a local beekeeper), vaseline, and my own addition of Vitamin E oil.


Adding in a small lump of vaseline (gross, I know)

Melted wax, vaseline, Vit. E, and essential oils

End products. Cowboy suggested the lip balm tubes for easy travel and touch ups.

Vanilla Sandalwood- (one of my favorites. Musky, manly yet slightly sugar cookie)
Ginger Orange Patchouli
Man Blend- WildChild Original and it is by far my favorite scent. Has e.o. of cinnamon, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, and others. I scented one of cowboy's shaving creams with this. After he shaves it is not uncommon to find my face permanently buried in his neck, smooching on him. I should rename this "Chick Magnet" or at least WildChild magnet...
Plain- I loved just the sweet soothing smell of beeswax

So far positive feedback from Cowboy on the taming of the beard hairs. He tells me he keeps a small tin in his pants pocket so that the heat of his body warms it slightly making the application easier. The scents are very light and mild which was a good last minute thought since I figured he would be smelling it all day long.  

He smells so good I can't help but get close and kiss on him more. 


  1. Aren't you clever?! I bet they smell so good :)

  2. in the man blend how much of each scents did you use/where do you find the oils?

  3. The oils you can get at any "natural" grocery store such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. Or you can search them online. Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite online store ( I will have to check back with you on the precise amounts...