Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canning, a Friendly Affair

Over the weekend I received a text "I've got tomatoes from the garden. Need to can!" So, Sunday I had Kelsey and Katie (two girls I practically consider sisters) over. We canned tomatoes, Cowboy Candy, and prepared applesauce and pearsauce from fruit I had just purchased at the local farmer's market.

Kels displaying her peel art. Bought this apple peeler from Pampered Chef; we are very impressed with it!

The Supervisor

Kelsey wanted to "make more stuff!" so we had her grind wheat and corn for homemade cornbread. 

Katie and Kelsey with the duty of slicing jalapenos. I think it was the first time I've ever seen Kelsey so still.

Cooking them in sugar, cider vinegar, and spices.

And this is what NOT to do when you grab the side of your extremely hot crock pot...dang that hurt.

Overall we had a wonderful time and I think I overwhelmed Katie with my fun canning books! I just bought a new canning book and love it!

It is chocked full of modern and exciting recipes.

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