Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beans, Glorious Beans!

I stumbled upon this notion a year or so ago and finally tried substituting beans for oil/butter in recipes about six months (or so) ago. Surprise- it's fabulous!!

Cowboy and I made brownies using a can of undrained black beans. They turned out slightly cake-like but still delicious. I am a die-hard brownie eater but insist they be ooey-goey or half-baked. The gooey-er they are the better. So, Cowboy and I went back to the drawing board and made another batch a few weeks later using a ratio closer to half and half (although leaning more towards the beans and less oil). They turned out PERFECT. No bean taste at all. In fact, as a test, I took some to work with me and had my coworkers eat them without telling them what was in them. After hearing all the happy moans and groans of chocolatey delight I broke the news to them that the "secret ingredient" was black beans. Every single one of them declared they couldn't tell and the brownies were delicious.

Our next recipe to try is chocolate chip cookies made with white beans!

Here's a great looking recipe from Everyday Food Storage for Chocolate Molten Cake using black beans. Yum!!!


  1. Great idea. I have you linked over at my place now...

  2. I can't grasp the "no bean taste" thing. I'm going to have to try this to see for myself. Or, I just want brownies. Same thing.