Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Powdered Beans

I played with an experiment and I am here to announce: SUCCESS!

I loved the idea of pureed beans for subbing oils in my recipes. I had great success with our morning waffles but felt it to be a little bit of a pain to have to open and puree a can every time I wanted waffles. Usually only half a can was used (if that) and then it would get icky in the fridge before I needed bean puree again.

My experiment?

Dehydrated pureed and powdered beans!

I threw a couple of Great Northerns from the can (no draining) into my food processor and pureed them into baby food. Then I spritzed a little cooking spray on my dehydrator sheets and spread the beans out into a thin mess. Popped the trays into the dehydrator and let them do their thing.

A few hours later they were dried to a crumbly texture. I had previously measured out a 1/4c. bean puree onto one sheet so I could later see how much it measured out to be as dried. This would give me a good idea on how much to use to reconstitute back to 1/4c.

I put each tray of crumbled beans into my mortar and pestle then ground it all into a semi-fine powder. Waaa La!

Today I made waffles with the dehydrated beans. I used the same amount of other ingredients (buttermilk, eggs, 1 Tbs. flax seed) but added a bit of skim milk to it. They came out perfect! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Yum!

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