Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers

I made stuffed peppers today (Mexican style). I love stuffed peppers and always forget how amazingly simple they are to make until after I've sat down to eat them. This is my throw-together recipe:

The Ant's Mexican Stuffed Peppers

1 lb ground turkey (I recently found Jennie-O's sells Taco Seasoned ground turkey and boy is it good!), browned
15 oz can of corn, drained
15 oz can of pintos, drained & rinsed (or any type of bean you wish)
brown rice, quinoa, or similar grains, cooked ***short-cut: I am in love with Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa & Whole Grain Brown Rice! It's in a small ready-to-cook bag that you tear open the top, nuke for 90 seconds, and presto delicious healthy grains. I use this in almost all my burritos/tacos/etc. Super tasty, nutritious, and it has garlic in it:) yum. For this recipe I use the entire bag, heated up.
8-ish bell peppers, you pick green, red, yellow, or mixed!
Shredded Mexican or JalapeƱo Pepper Jack Cheese

As the turkey is finishing browning, add in corn, beans, and rice. Mix well and season as needed with salt and pepper. Cut off the tops of the peppers and stuff mix inside. Place in a glass casserole dish or baking tray and let bake until stuffing is bubbly and outsides of peppers start to pucker and brown. Pull peppers out, turn on broiler, and sprinkle a generous amount of cheese on top of each pepper. Broil on high until cheese is bubbly. Serve alone or with salsa, cream cheese, or (my personal favorite) Sting 'N' Linger Chile Verde Salsa.

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