Saturday, May 5, 2012

Welcome Home Girls, Welcome Home.

Warning: Incredibly Adorable Pictures Ahead (and quite a few of them)

Went down to the Urban Homesteader's Chicken Swap today in Denver and started to browse when OMG SILKIES!!!

I had searched high and low on every website for a Silkie and every place, and I mean every place, was sold out. I was bummed as I had seen a Silkie just a few months ago for the first time and deemed it HAD to be part of my flock. They are just too dang adorable and fluffy plus they are notoriously known for their calm demeanor and parenting skills! The lady selling them had no idea what sex they were so I was taking my luck with the potential of a rooster. She said if it was any consolation, their male Silky was a very timid crower. 

I went to throw down $2 for one and found myself slipping over four bucks to the lady, tucking 2 one-week old baby chicks in the bottom of my shirt, and skirting off to my car before anyone stopped me. 

They nuzzled into my belly and softly peep peeped all the way home. 

I crept into where Cowboy was laying sleeping, meaning to just kiss him and let him know I was home when all of a sudden a teeny solitary peep squeaked out of my shirt. 

"Did you just peep?" He asked me.
"Uh. Yeah." 
"Oh got chicks didn't you?"
I couldn't stop beaming and giggling foolishly. I was so excited!

I put together my little brooder box and watched the two little girls (hopefully) explore their new abode. They scratched and peeped, drank a little water, and slept. They even found and snatched up a little bug in the box. The little Blue Silky I think has a case of narcolepsy. She kept just falling over in deep slumber while eating her chick starter crumbles. The Blue Partridge Silky would step all over her face and she didn't wake up. Then she would suddenly wake and start pecking at the food as if to say, "Oh yeah, I was just eating!" It was hilarious to watch. They would stretch out their legs and spread their baby angel wings then suddenly lose their balance and topple over. The Blue Partridge actually chased her tail until she caught it and fell over! 

Here's the babies:

Blue Silky

 I'm just going to take a little nap here in this guy's shirt

Blue Partridge Silky

After settling the Silkies in, I telephoned Wildfire Farms who had advertised 2 week old chicks for sale in all the right breeds that I had been looking for! I hopped in the car with a box lined with pine shavings in hopes of coming home with a few more girls to complete the family.

An hour later and lot of questions answered I had five girls heading home.

From top to bottom: 
Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Light Brahma, Americauna (Easter Egger), and Barred Rock

The Light Brahma was the loudest of the bunch but they all settled down with the motion of the car and a little Norah Jones piping through the stereo. Soon enough they were all asleep.

All of these breeds are moderately good layers and considered a heavy breed (around 7.5lbs per bird). The Silkies are a bantam breed meaning small. Their eggs are much smaller than the other chickens but they make up for it in personality. 

I very slowly introduced the two sets of girls since there was a week age gap and that could mean a lot of nasty pecking and stepping on the little babies. Surprisingly they mingled extremely well (for now at least) and the Buff Orpington seemed to take them under her wing.

Buff Orpington

Barred Rock

Light Brahma

Black Australorp

Americauna (Easter Egger)
 When I get grown I'm going to lay green, pink, and blue eggs!

 I can't seem to leave the bathroom where I have put their brooder box for the next several weeks until they get big enough to be outside. They are way too entertaining and cute.

Now to name them!! Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Way cute, thanks for sharing! Mine are 4.5 weeks today. I brought in a bouquet of small fresh beet leaves...chick heaven apparently.