Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coop Update: Almost Done!

The Coop is officially finished! I strapped on their big-girl panties and placed them on their roosts for the first night alone two evenings ago.

They are still trying to figure things out since they have tons of room. We built two roosts 2' and 3' off the ground in anticipation of them reaching full size and being able to bound up there without difficulty. Currently, however, the silkies are finding the 2 footer to be still just out of their reach. With a good valiant effort of flapping their wings, they can only reach their beak to the top of the beam. They still try hard to cling to it with their beak and flap themselves on up only to flop down and start peeping with a very frustrated tone. I end up going out there and hoisting the two little 'uns onto their roost for the night. As soon as they are up there they tuck in and start trilling their sweet nighty-night notes. I love that sound. Full of happiness and content.

The first night putting them in their coop was quite the entertainment. It was well past dark and the girls were already sleepy and hunkering down for the night in their brooder. We gently picked each up and placed them on a roost in their coop. They looked around in a daze trying to figure where the heck they were then each would crane their neck downward off their roost as if to say, "whoa we are high up!"

Martha, who was on the far right of the roost, started inching her way to the left pushing the rest of the girls left and into the wall. At times she would turn herself around and try to lay on the 2 x 4 lengthwise as if she was stretching out on a couch. Her head would tuck under the belly of the bird to her left until said bird tried to crouch down to sleep and ended up sitting on Martha's head. It was silly. Poor Penny had the wall side and ended up smooshed. They had the entire 2 x4 (about 3' of it) to stretch out and roost, however, when I went out there in the morning to let them out they were squished together like an accordion on half of the bar.

We are now working on the run, which will be detachable for when it comes time to move. Today I had them out of their run for a good 2 hour free-range time. They stayed almost exclusively in our grape vines, plucking off the unripened berries and scratching up the dead leaves and twigs at their roots.

 I planted English Lavender and Sweet Basil in the flower pot. 

The Run: being built

 The inside from the large "people" door

And the girls....
 Martha: totally cracks me up

 Penny (L) and Agnes (R) standing off. They do this "monkey dance" daily trying to dominate the other. It's hilarious to watch as they bounce up and down chest bumping each other. The two are hard to tell apart unless you catch Penny's dashes of brown around her neck. She is also a little skinnier than Agnes


Agnes (also has a fluffier mohawk right now)

 Lucy and Tallula (our two very independent birds)

 Argos keeping watch ("Please Mamma let me play!) Uh, no. He requires constant supervision at the time being. He is very good with them and allows them to walk around him but as soon as they make any flighty moves he gets all excitable. 

  Ellie Mae- by far the largest bird in the flock, though Buffy is close second.


The gals in the grape vines.

I do miss their night time peeping and purring noises they make right as they are getting comfy and falling asleep but I'm glad they finally have their own place with a significant amount of room. Plus now I can start taking a cleaning rag at all the pine shaving dust which has collected on every darn thing in the laundry room from their nightly dust baths!!

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