Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coop Update

My friend's two girls came over and helped me have fun drawing on the coop's bare beams. We signed our names and added all the chicken's names also.

 This is Buffy....the vampire slaying chicken

 Army chicken

 "what a chirp looks like"


The Coop is now moved to the backyard (deemed too heavy to be a tractor at this point...though Cowboy is working on remedying this situation with a potential mini flat trailer to be added later). The first coats of paint are being put on. 

interior walls will be put up here with some small scale insulation between

 human door (for cleaning the coop etc)- pop door will be put on the long side here as well as the fenced in run

The only thing left to do (as far as the coop itself) is the nesting boxes under the big window, pop door for the chickens to enter the future run, small hatch-type windows for venting, galvanized corrugated metal roof, wire put on vents under roof, linoleum on floor, and perches for roosting. Sounds like a lot, but the way we've been working we will hopefully have it fully completed next weekend. Fingers crossed because these girls are so ready to be outdoors permanently. I take them out first thing in the morning to their run and they come in now only at dusk to sleep in their brooder box which they are outgrowing!



Buffy is our "show girl"- although we encourage handling of all our chickens as much as possible, she is the one we always pull out when people come to check out our chickens. She is looking to be the "top dog" of the pecking order (possibly in line with Lucy), however she is the most docile and friendly not to mention so incredibly soft to touch. She has won a lot of hearts here. 


 The silkies are starting to grow out their feathers and mohawks. They look absolutely ridiculous and adorable. While the big girls are working out their pecking order, the two silkies are trying to establish their own ranking system. They strut their stuff and chest bump between themselves often. I've been watching and it appears (although hard to tell) that Agnes tends to be the first to "submit" while Penny postures in front of her.


We had our very first "chicken race" yesterday. It was extremely amusing and Lucy came in first!

Martha (check out those puffy cheeks!)

Ellie Mae (we had to change her name from Mildred as we kept forgetting it!)


In all honesty, I've just been Cowboy's assistant with this whole thing. He asked me what I was looking for in a coop and I gave him a list (an ever evolving list....). He took it and ran with it! I am so proud of him and all his handy-ness. He's done an amazing job constructing this beast. We have found we work great as a team with extremely little bickering doing it. While he was cutting up wood, I stapled the wire fence, painted, and nailed up plywood as he held it in place. The air compressed tools: staple and nail gun have been a LIFESAVER (and probably a marriage saver).

Now folks, if you don't mind I have some more painting to do before the sun goes down.

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  1. We miss the babies! Nice coop!