Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coop Update: FINISHED!!!

Whew. Although it was extremely fun to build and amazed both of us to discover we had such hidden talents, neither of us are ready to do that again any time soon.

After many many weekends of hard sunrise to past sunset (we were cutting wood and nailing in beams with our headlamps) we are finally finished with the chicken coop. What started out as an idea for a nice smallish mobile chicken tractor has now bloomed into a full sized stationary coop. I say stationary but the run is bolted on for detachment when our lease is up. All we have to do is provide the beer for several of our muscular friends to help load the beast into the truck bed. Not. Looking. Forward. To. That. Day. AT. ALL. 

Here's the pics you've all been waiting for (click on pics to enlarge them):

Now on to focusing on big things like TransRockies Trail Running Race right around the corner!! Holy cow enough with the cross-training chicken coop, off to get some big runs in.

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