Monday, October 15, 2012

Improvement on Homemade Shaving Cream

As promised, though it has taken me awhile, I have improved my recipe for homemade mug shaving cream! Here is my original post where I felt the cream was more soapy instead of creamy and became hard pretty quick. The new and improved recipe is creamier, still a bit soapy but I like it better than the original. Super easy to whip  up!

This time I added more glycerin, water, and subbed coconut oil instead of cocoa butter. I halved the recipe of the original to make this new one:

WildChildT's Homemade Shaving Cream 
(adapted from Better Basics for the Home)

4 oz. grated castille soap
~5 oz distilled water
1 oz. coconut oil
3 oz. vegetable glycerine
essential oils

Place soap and water in a container, cover and let rest overnight. The next day, melt coconut oil and glycerin in a double boiler. As soon as they are melted, add to soap and blend with a hand mixer until creamy. Mix in essential oils and transfer shaving cream to a lidded container or mug/bowl of choice.


  1. Are you measuring by weight or volume for this recipe?

  2. Weight. I can try to see how it measures out if that helps, but I found weight is so easy to do because you can keep one bowl on your scale and zero after each ingredient is added.

  3. Mixed up a batch today and it came out more "whipped" than "creamy"... any thoughts on why? Did I blend with the hand mixer too long, or maybe with the speed too high? Also, I did soak the grated soap overnight, but it didn't seem to break down to make a creamy texture. The final product seems more like shredded coconut mixed into Cool Whip instead of that smooth, creamy shaving cream! Any thoughts or suggestions?? Thanks!

  4. Did you grate your soap fine enough? I had the shredded effect when I used the larger holes on the grater. If you shred it fine enough it should dissolve no problem. The end product is more whipped than overly creamy. Try adding more glycerine or oils.

  5. this looks very easy and I just bought some lavender and sandalwood esstianl oil I was going to use in a uncented shave cream. but I think I will give this recipe a try. how many drops of the esstianl oil do you recommend 5?