Monday, September 16, 2013

A Big Calm Breath of Happiness

It has finally happened.....

Yes, this mama is pregnant!!! I will save another date to write the journey up into a post but for now I am just going to bask in celebration and sharing my happy news. I am officially pregnant with a baby girl. We had two baby girls placed but only one made it. We felt the sadness of losing the one but an overwhelming gratefulness for having the other one secured well in my uterus. I am still having to do hormone injections and pills but each day I see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel my expanding bump to know it is all worth it.

The last ultrasound showed her little heart beating strong at 172. I was able to see her tiny arms and legs curled up to her core and the seams in her skull forming. Cowboy and I are so in love with our baby gummy bear (seriously she looks like a little gummy bear all tucked up in my belly, it's adorable). Shortly after seeing her, I cannot imagine why there is a debate out there whether a fetus is a human being. I am not even halfway there to the legal point in Colorado where a woman can have an abortion, and that is appalling to me. This fetus is the size of a prune and is indeed a tiny little person. Her heart beats, her organs are forming, she is starting to move, and brain waves can be detected.

Here...try not to fall in love. I dare you:)

My belly has already begun to swell with a cute bump and I've had to resort to using my belly band on my jeans as I can't zip them up. I wore my first maternity clothes yesterday although they were a bit baggy. Definitely room to grow!!! I have had very minimal morning sickness and feel overall extremely good (besides a bit extra tired and peeing a lot).

The parents-in-laws are so excited and text me often with cute baby girl clothes and toys they've picked up.  They are great people, I already know she is going to be SO loved!

There has been some serious crafty madness going on at our house. My mom and I have almost completed my very first quilt for this little one. It's beautiful with mostly greens and purples. Here's some pics:

 The picture doesn't do it justice. The black looking squares are actually navy with lighter blue circles in the middle and the stripes that look pink are purple. Since this pic was taken we have completed an outer border and cut out the backing which is blue with adorable owls. I will post when we have completed it.

 Soft fabric toy blocks, two changing pads (more are being made)

 Nursing cover (made by mom) and two breastfeeding tabs (magnetic ribbons that attach to your bra for keeping track of which side to nurse from first)

Burp Cloths (more in the making)

 Homemade cloth diapers- newborn and infant. Next up is making the diaper covers from PUL fabric.

Mom is a sewing master and is helping me with all of these projects. It's been so much fun!

I've finally been given the green light to go work out and run again. My first trail run was pathetic and I got very winded but it felt so good to run again. I decided to take it extremely easy with running until my daily intramuscular injections (in my butt) are done, which should be in about 2-3wks, because running just hurts and aggravates my gluteal muscles something horrible. After my second run I was limping around for days and sitting was so painful. I did, however, make it to the gym twice now and that felt pretty good too. I get out of breath and worn out quick but it's good to finally be moving my muscles. 

Well, that is all for now. Cowboy and I both are terrified to be new parents but are overwhelmed with joy and excitement over our bundle. We pray every day that she is growing healthy and strong and that we encounter no more difficulties. We can't wait to hold her, kiss her, love her, and protect her little self with all our might. This has been such a long journey....and we are still at the beginning!

Thank you for everyone who knew what we were going through, prayed for us, and offered their support and love. 


  1. My warmest (and fuzziest ;) ) congratulations to you! The quilt is beautiful! I can't wait to see the progress of your little gummy bear growing :D

  2. Running and working out will help a great deal with labor and delivery. It also keeps your respiratory status and circulation strong which is great for the baby. After the birth of your angel, it will also help return to shape. I am so excited for you.

  3. Woo-hoo! It may not seem like it given my near-hermit lifestyle, but I've been thinking of you guys, glad to hear it!

  4. Thanks guys. Keep all fingers crossed that things go well and she is here to stay for good. Not out of the danger zone quite yet but getting closer!