Saturday, March 7, 2015

Change is a comin'

Holy cow has time flown, 10 months!

 I apologize for not keeping everyone updated like I said I would but priorities are priorities. L-Bug is sleeping throughout the night with two good naps during the day, however even with all that sleep I still feel like a zombie. Seriously, even after a decent night's sleep (I occasionally have to pop back in a pacifier or tuck a warm blanket around her shoulders during the night) I wake up feeling like I could sleep another eight hours! I am eternally exhausted. During the day she is very active trying to crawl and she is SOO close! She gets her butt up in the air and tripods then ends up pushing her arms out and sliding backwards. This produces a shout of frustration as she finds herself wedged under the couch or stuck in the corner of the room. She is determined though (I love this little bear!). I think by the end of this week she'll be crawling for sure.

 Well, news is thick in these parts of the woods! Not only are we starting to get our brains wrapped around the notion of preparing to put our snowbaby girl (baby#2) in shortly but.....drumroll.....we are buying a house!!!

Not just any house but a beautiful log cabin with a huge chunk of acreage tucked in the damn-middle of nowheres. I.GET.TO.LEAVE.THE.CITY!!!! I am beyond excited. It has a chicken coop and a horse barn/corral on it. The land is amazing. I am still stunned. When we first walked the land, it was getting dark and we stopped at the edge of a gate. We were so impressed with the property at that time. The next day we walked it again with some friends and realized we had only walked a very small portion of the land! The majority of the property was beyond that gate into a heavily treed section. Our jaws dropped. My dream has always been to live in a log cabin: beautiful exposed ceiling beams, curled up on the couch near a wood burning stove, or standing out on a deck overlooking our land while enjoying the morning sun over a steaming mug of coffee. **sigh** My dream is about to be fulfilled. Also, our little girl will grow up in a small back-country town like I did: 4-H, tractors and trucks, cowboys herding cattle down the roads, woods to play in and build her imagination, and much much more. I so can't wait to get her her very first cowgirl boots. On top of all that our very good friends will be our neighbors as their land (same large acreage) butts up to ours and L-Bug will have a BFF who is 4 months older than her. Relocating to our house comes with a large lifestyle change as Cowboy and I both got brand new jobs to boot. Things look like they are changing and it's most definitely not a bad thing.

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