Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Sheep Says Baaa and the Cow Goes Moo

As you can tell, we are working on animal sounds with L-bug. She is walking all over the place and starting to form out some words. The sign language has been amazing in communication and we laugh every time we hear someone make a comment (internet, in the store, etc) that sign language inhibits speech. This girl has a LOT to say and although it is mostly babbling, I have a feeling that once she can make the sounds into words she is going to be quite the chatter box! Her hands are a flurry of activity signing several words together then sometimes pointing to what she is signing. "mama, bug over there. A butterfly. Look!" Yes she signs all that! Once she learns a new sign she uses it appropriately whenever she gets a chance. It's so cool.

The homestead is coming along. We have done a ton of updates and personal touches to the house and property which just adds a little bit more of "us" to the place. It's wonderful. We're about to add a beautiful cast iron wood burning stove in place of one of our pellet stoves. We learned the hard way that pellet stoves, although super cheap and functional, need electricity to run which totally sucks when the power goes out on a snowy day. Plus with our treed acreage we have a ton of fallen wood that would be great for heating our house. We will keep the huge pellet stove in the basement that heats the whole house but a wood burner with a cook top is going in our living room for function and beauty.

I ran my first 5K in a very long while and didn't suck...too bad.

And finally, we are working on extending our family and are extremely excited about it. We know with fertility issues in the past that this isn't a guaranteed thing and each step of the way is laden with hope and worry but with God's grace we hope to have another set of tiny toes added to our family next year. Please wish us luck and pray for us that this dream can be a reality. We need all the help we can get.

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