Sunday, November 22, 2015

No news is good news

Not much to update here.
Baby boy is growing and starting to bounce around and L-bug is losing her baby fat and becoming her own little person much to her parents' dismay. She spontaneously breaks out in song and dance often, babbling her own language (while also trying out new words instead of just signing them), reads fervently to anyone who will listen, loves to "help" cook/clean/collect eggs, pats mama's belly while crooning "baby" and giving it kisses and snuggles, and tears around the house tackling the dog who just adores this but pretends to get offended. I have truly enjoyed every stage of her growing but at just over a year and a half, the level of entertainment I get from her has reached new heights. She is SO much fun. She is discovering paints and crayons and homemade play-dough. She is crafty! I purchased a Learning Tower off craigslist and now she is counter height to everything I do. She wants to press the button to the food processor, click on the blender while I make crepes or smoothies, stir whatever she can, and help while I do the dishes.

We are also learning she is a cautious watcher, wanting to investigate things before jumping in to the activity. When meeting new children, instead of just throwing herself into the mix, she will stand back, observe, soak it all in (you can almost see her gears churning as she fits it all together) and then jumps in when the time is right. She isn't overly scared or timid for sure, but just watchful.

For example, the other day at her 18 month pediatrician appointment, we arrived early and hung out in the well-child area. There was only one other child there with his mother. The boy was about 2yo and all over the place- trying to open the door to outside, running around in the sick-child area, climbing over everything, while the mother was oblivious to him chatting away on her phone. I sat down on a chair with L-bug standing at my legs watching him intently and quietly, her head resting on my knees. At one point the boy climbed up on the chair next to us and proceeded to stand up in the chair. L-bug promptly drew her head up sharply off my knees, stepped toward the toddler, stuck her pointer finger in the air at him and commanded "DOOOWWWWN!" as she glared at him. That kid dropped to his butt in a heart beat, stunned. I couldn't contain my laughter at her bossiness, woooweee that kid had it coming but I didn't think it was my half-pint that would deliver it to him! I didn't know whether to scold her for being a little bossy-pants or give her an attah girl for telling it like it is and knowing right from wrong.

I think she'll do just fine as a big sister.

Other than that, nothing real exciting. We weathered our first snow storm on the homestead. It was a pretty big blizzard but we hunkered down out of the cold, made sure the chickens were comfortable and protected, and chilled out in front of the wood burning stove. I've been trying to gather a plethora of indoor activities for her when the snow really hits hard and sticks around. Having the art easel, paints, and crayons have all been great but one thing I discovered while on a recent trip with her to a pumpkin patch/kid's country amusement park was just pure genius. Two words: Feed Corn. Put 25lbs  (cost approx. $8 for a 50lb bag) of it in a huge under-the-bed-type Tupperware bin, add a few cups or scoops to play with and you have yourself an indoor sand-box. It has delivered hours of relatively clean fun. I have it in the kitchen on our hardwood floor, away from any floor vents, so if any corn escapes a little sweeping is all I need to do. Genius.

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