Monday, January 11, 2016

Time Is Just Slippin' Slippin'

It's been forever since I blogged last but there was a moment of crazy uncertainty about little man and also complications with my body so I just had to chill for a bit. Actually little man is doing JUST FINE! and as it turns out my body (specifically my placenta) is also hanging in there.

I'm not going to go into an entire birth story but let's just do a semi-short version where at time of delivery baby L-bug's head was cock-eyed and face up leading to a not so easy labor. 36hrs heard me right.....and several attempted interventions led to a c-section because although baby was taking it like a champ, mama was getting really sick and there was no way L-bug was going to fit down that tunnel.

Post c-section and the sound of an amazing little cry from L-bug, mama hemorrhaged. No bueno. Several packs of blood products and a few extra hospital nights stay and everyone was home safe and healthy. THEN two weeks later I hemorrhaged again at home. Smarty pants critical care nurse in me says, stalling to go to the hospital again, "well I don't think that's a lot of blood. I mean, I've totally seen worse."

Yeah, it was a LOT of blood and I should have gone into the ER sooner. All was good though and I got shipped off to a bigger hospital where I received more blood products and a pelvic embolization after finding a very rare AVM (Arterial-Vein Malformation: the artery to vein pathway is mixed up, usually seen in brains more often than any other part of the body) in my uterus which may or may not have caused the bleeding. **A pelvic embolization means that under sedation they poked a hole in the artery of my groin, threaded a catheter up through the artery and into my uterus's main blood stream, and shot in a bunch of teeny tiny beads that expanded and clotted off the cause of the bleeding.

Ten days later, after a closeful watch that there was no more bleeding, I was discharged (L-bug got to stay with me the entire visit!) and this time everyone was truly healthy and happy. I was assured the embolization wouldn't affect future fertility and indeed this past August we implanted little man. Because of the embolization though, I was at high risk for a not so nice thing called placenta accreta. This means abnormal areas in your placenta which, although doesn't affect the health or growth of the baby, can adhere to the uterus and (in severe cases) grow through the uterus and attach to the bladder and bowels. Placenta accreta leads to an extremely high risk of hemorrhaging leading to an hysterectomy: Ugh not again!

The docs thought they saw some holes or "lakes" in my placenta and I had to wait until a recent ultrasound to verify there was no blood flow to them meaning everything is great. So, here I am now, on my home stretch of pregnancy and feeling great. Docs are insisting on a c-section due to my incredible history which I am fine with and Cowboy is going to donate blood ahead of time just in case. Ward off the bad ju-ju.

On a side note, after scouring the internet for information on second pregnancies and c-sections I am incredibly irritated by the ignorant opinions (always stated as facts, mind you) towards women who schedule c-sections. There are pages and pages of people saying why not to get a c-section and how vaginal deliveries or VBACS are the "best thing" for your baby and your body and "you should just try". Seriously? I had planned to have both my children delivered through the chute, and as naturally as possible, but in the end you have to decide what is safest and healthiest for both parties. In many many cases women are completely unable to do this and a c-section is indeed the healthiest and safest delivery route for baby and mama's health (I consider avoiding tearing end to end with a stage IV to be medical reasoning enough to have  a C-section as that event can emotionally and physically handicap you for life). C-sections are still a birth and not exactly a pleasant piece of cake either. People need to shut their yaps when they have no idea what they are talking about.  It's infuriating.

Anyways, Little man "R" is kicking like the little cowboy he is and practicing his rodeo skills. He is STRONG, I tell you. I don't recall L-bug being this much of a heavy hitter. L-bug is working on her big sister-ness, doling out tea at her little tea parties (sugar and cream please, stirred not shaken), learning her ABCs and crayon colors, and fostering a healthy addiction to stickers. She's so super awesome in every way possible.

Meanwhile, I've been homesteading and starting to feel the nesting wash over me. I want to clean and organize everything. I received an Instant Pot for Christmas and I am making all kinds of things in it!!! This thing is awesome! I've got yogurt going in it as we speak and I'm finding new recipes on Pinterest. You guys, if you haven't explored the endless depths of Pinterest I'm tell you you must. It is so addicting and a wealth of info on all sorts of topics.

I will be back to give you tried and true recipes using my Instant Pot! I promise!!!

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