Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Countdown is On

Cue Europe's "Final Countdown".

Maybe it's because I was an 80's kid, I dunno but this song always gets stuck in my head and riles me up. For some it's "The Eye of the Tiger" but for me it's "The Final Countdown". Every see the video? Hilarious. And I can't believe we all thought big styled long hair with leather vests and bare chests was "hot". WOW. 

Anyways, I am not going to give away the exact date of my c-section yet but let's just say it's very near and I'm getting so excited to meet our little man "R-bear". My belly is so big and tight and his movements are so sharp and strong. I actually got stuck on my back the other night due to ligament pain and had to have Cowboy wake up and pull me back into position. Yeah to say I'm ready is an understatement. This pregnancy is SO different than L-bug's. Not worse per say but just really really different.  A lot more aches and weird symptoms that I had to Google to see if I wasn't imagining things. Nope I have a lot of weird symptoms: pulsatile tinnitus, for example. I can hear my heartbeat chirp in my left ear and it comes and goes. At first I thought we had a bird in our attic and texted Cowboy complaining how we had to catch it. Then, I realized that the bird was following me around and was at my work.....we got a laugh out of that. I finally looked it up then verified it with my OB Doc. Yep, weird pregnancy related symptom of increased blood flow and pressure. 

Anyways, bags are packed and ready to go in the car just in case I don't make it to my section date. I've been having a ton of contractions and I believe his head is already engaged. 

What is really neat is since he is #2 I don't have to rush out and buy a ton of stuff! I have weeded out from L-bug's collection what worked and have already donated to others what didn't work. A few things I kept just in case it works for this little guy even though L-bug didn't care for it. I'll have to update y'all on product reviews once R-bear has a chance to trial things. There are a few new things I am going to test out with him. I have the Ergo packed in the car but I just got word from a girlfriend on how fabulous her ring sling has been for her newborn and now my interest has been peaked. Supposedly you can nurse on-the-go with ease in a ring sling and still have two hands to yourself! Mamaway looks great and received rave reviews on the site and my girlfriend liked her Beco sling, others have spoken highly of Tula's brand. I might try one of these slings and post back my thoughts on it. I am all about baby wearing and can't gush more on the topic. As it is I'll be trying an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for the first time and can't wait to review it!

Diapers are all washed and ready to go, diaper pail is in its place in the bathroom, and the changing table is all decked out with necessities. The second car seat has been installed and checked by our fire department with an enthusiastic thumbs up (they even rechecked L-bug's new big seat for safe installation), the gliders are all in position for optimal nursing, and hospital go-bags are packed for L-bug and take home clothes for R-bear. 

We have been working with L-bug on getting her ready for her baby brother. I even thought about allowing her in the OR room with Daddy but quickly vetoed that because she is still so young and has always been extremely emotionally sensitive to other people's pain and sorrow (we call her a "sympathy crier"). I am not sure she could handle seeing Mama strapped to a table; I don't think her sweet little brain could process what is going on. So she'll be with the grandparents awaiting R-bear's arrival. I still have NO idea how she is going to take it all in and process it but I hope that she adapts well and sees this as a (mostly) positive change in her life. I love that little butterfly so much that it would hurt my heart to see her struggle and feel less than the beautiful social funny artistic farm girl she is. The world has revolved around her for almost two years and now there's going to be a little competition in the attention category. I hope we have given her the tools to be strong, confident, and cope with change. 

I have a brand new baby boy doll (life sized) that will be a gift from her brother to her and I also set aside several very small gifts for my parents to give her throughout the next week or so. Small activity stuff that are just distractions and reminders that she is still very special to us. That, and oh yeah....a brand new puppy. Yes, we are getting a new puppy very shortly after little man arrives. It'll be hectic I'm sure but a much needed chaos in our life. Being dog-free has its perks but for us it's so empty not having a fuzzy butt knocking everything over and a wet nose poking in our face early in the mornings. We have found a breeder we are really happy with and will be bringing home a solid black German Shepherd pure-bred puppy. He will be trained by the same trainer that Argos had and we plan on going all the way with the levels of Personal Protection Training. It's exciting times here on the homestead. Did I also mention we have baby chicks and baby turkeys in our brooder box too?! Utter chaos I tell you. And we love it.

Oh and one more thing....L-bug has totally rocked my world in terms of potty training. She still wears diapers at night but throughout the day she is in adorable little girl panties with very minimal accidents. She's a total rock star. Pretty soon I'll be researching homeschooling and delving into brand new unfamiliar territory. Wish me luck