Friday, May 26, 2017

Yay for workouts!

I just posted over in my WildchildT blog site about my latest workouts. I found a few amazing free fitness apps so go check them out! plus I went on a very cool trail run to the only working fire tower in the area. Gosh I missed having sore muscles!!

As for homesteading, things are rockin' and rollin' here as the weather is starting to cooperate and warm up a touch. I went through our hives finally as we hit a 70 degree day and wahoooo we have some honey needing to be harvested! Two hives are loaded with honey and the third has little honey but a ton of brood being born so I'm feeding them sugar water before the nectar flow kicks in. Hopefully by early fall they will have built out some nice honey frames for us to harvest. This is exciting and I can't wait to lick the spoon of our very own honey harvest. We've been lucky with no swarming, no diseases, and no infestation of mites.

The roo we butchered the other day made a very tasty soup with dumplings.  My nephew H was picked up from the airport and promptly told by Cowboy "as soon as we get home we have to butcher our rooster. Welcome to the country!" Poor H never saw it coming but he did great and helped Cowboy out. The meat was a little chewy (boo) but the broth flavor was delicious. It made even better bone broth in my Instant Pot after the bones were picked clean.

Our homestead is now up a member as we added a orange tabby tom cat to our farm as a mouser. He's a very young cat but already playing tiger in the grass, is super affectionate, and doing well alongside our chickens.  I had a momentary lapse of weakness because he is so lovable. I pleaded with Cowboy to consent to making him our indoor kitty. He said nay nay and I felt sad but then, when I was cutting out his cat door and contained him in L-bug's playhouse during all the construction noise he howled so pathetically and perched in the windowsill pawing to get out. Once the cat door was in place he paraded around the yard like a King so I knew immediately he was definitely not indoor cat material. He needed to have his wide open spaces to wander and hunt. Our crazy/awesome GSD has been advised to stay clear of the cat and so far is obeying.  We are hopefully going to be adding a female kitten this week. Maybe this will keep the tom nearby and give us kittens in the future. I missed having a cat since we had to put my dear Little Kitty asleep just before L-bug was born. I have been cat-less since and now that I have a cat I realize how much I really love cats. The lovable ones, not the pissy scratchy aloof ones. I just hope this guy is street-wise (or better yet country-wise?) towards the predators in the area. I've already had to sit L-bug down and explain the ins and outs of having outdoor pets in our area. She knows the cat may go missing, may run away or get taken by a predator. Our best hope is to provide the safest shelter close to the house and have him stick somewhat nearby so he has the best chance of survival. She's a pretty smart cookie and caught on pretty quick. When we butchered the roo she was sad for a few minutes and then lit up when we served her the soup saying, "my rooster tastes delicious!!" Ha. I am glad I am giving her a childhood where she learns the value of raising your own food.

Turkeys will be on their way by next month! Our baby chicks are now fully feathered out and will be ready for full integration in the not too distant future. Mmmm yummy eggs. I hope none are roos as they will have to be for the soup pot, but at least this time we will harvest them when they are young and less "chewy" than our previous roo.

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