Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yes I'm horrible at this blogging production....

It is HARD to find the time to sit down at the computer without a single distraction or without being suddenly ridden with guilt about what still needs to get done around the house. I don't know how these blogging mamas do it day in and day out but I'm impressed.

Let's can I catch y'all up to date here without typing a novel?

So, I realize my blog has taken a sharp turn from my trail running adventures ( I miss those adventures terribly. 'whine') into the realm of kids and homesteading. It's not really the direction I wanted to go but I guess its inevitable seeing as that is truly what my life has evolved into for the time being. I know I will be back out there again, running and sucking air as I get myself back into the groove of things and back into a much fitter "me". I have to believe this because if I don't I think I'll cry. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my life as it has become. I love my children more than anything in the world and wouldn't change single a thing about it. Becoming pregnant not once, but twice with fertility issues I have been doubly blessed and I feel down to my bones that I was meant to be a mama. However, (and a small however) I am also an athlete to the core and feel mentally restless not being out on my trails, running exotic crazy races, and working out every day. I need this like the body needs water. I also really want to be an incredible role model to my children to show them the importance of being mentally and physically strong and healthy; to do crazy (but relatively safe) things to test your body and to gain the awe and inspiration that exercise and adventures deliver. So, although I am basking in motherhood, I also know that in due time (and I'm not rushing it because I know it will happen when the time is right) I will eventually be back running my trails and returning this body to the powerhorse it used to be! Then, dear friends, you can read about fitness instead of butchering turkeys and cloth diapering.

As it is I JUST did my first trail run in a very long time and (yay!) I DIDN'T suck!!!! I ran four fantastic trail miles in a decent time with the pup (who did amazing and even did a little successful off-leash trial). I was just a tiny bit sore the next day and I felt encouraged to try to get out more. I also have been using a weighted hoola-hoop (who knew?!), push up stands, and a speed rope for extra exercise in addition to my treadmill runs.

With the warmer weather I have also started taking the kiddos in either the Burley or tossing R-bear into the Osprey kid backpack and having L-bug hike next to me. She has been calling herself a "runner girl like mama!" and thoroughly enjoys sprinting next to me. Unfortunately her nearly three year old attention span lasts a few short minutes before she is suddenly planted in a crouch alongside the dirt road deeply inspecting whatever grasshopper, shiny rock, flower, spider, or bauble that she comes across. So I have come to realize and accept our walks are not about mama getting exercise but my kiddos exercising their curious brains and learning to enjoy the outdoors which is still a big fat win in my book.

This summer I am planning on starting the kids out on their first ever camping our back yard. We have enough land I can pretend we are gone far out but know if things go kattywompus we can always retreat to the safety and warmth of the house. For Christmas the kiddos both got true backpacks and high quality sleeping bags. Although it will be a bit until R-bear can utilize his gifts, L-bug is ready and willing to camp with hers, provided "there are s'mores, hot cocoa, and a campfire mama".

R-bear is starting to take his first steps and is signing words up a STORM! Practically each day he learns a new word and uses it correctly! Also he is my super snuggler. Ahhhh I love this boy. He will snuggle mama 24/7 if he was able. He fits right into my shoulder and neck like it was made to form around his little body.
L-bug is also coming into her own and becoming more affectionate and nursing. Yes, there are days of struggle where she spits out "no!" or "you do it!" but there comes immediate and swift redirection and she corrects her behavior. Not as many melt downs as she used to have. She is also using really big words as well as big concepts, and many often mistake her age to be a year or two older. This may bite us in the butt:) We are starting to homeschool although I use that term loosely right now because homeschooling at her age is mostly imagination play, arts and crafts, music, dancing, and helping mama cook. She has her own chores that are expected of her such as setting the table each meal and cleaning up her own place as well as helping clean the rest of the table. She also helps empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher and collect eggs from the chicken coop. She is eager and willing most of the time and all you have to ask is "can you help me?" and she is all over it with excitement!

Also, cowboy is starting to work one day from home each week which is absolutely delightful and I am down to part time. It is nice to see each other again a little bit more as we miss each other terribly!

Life is very good on the homestead. We are expecting to harvest our first batch of honey from our bees this month and we have 20 baby chicks in the brooder coop who are now fully feathered out. The elder hens are starting to lay better with the warmer weather and we just butchered one of our roosters for tomorrows dinner. Baby turkeys will be on their way next month (a mix of heritage and commercial breeds) and we are starting to discuss the potential of pigs this summer or next. MMMMM bacon.....

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